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Wealth Management

Over the years, we have built an unmatched suite of services and capabilities around the needs of our private clients and families.

Our fee-only approach provides access to the widest array of solutions without conflict of interest, and our multi-disciplined style gives careful attention to building the right investment solution for each unique situation. We always provide a deeply personal, individualized approach, and work hard to understand you and your family dynamics.

Wealth Planning & Stewardship

We work hard to be your trusted advisor that will proactively manage your family wealth to ensure you meet your goals and objectives now and into the future. Our experience, breadth and diversity of thought allows you to enjoy your success knowing that you have a fiduciary partner helping you navigate the ever changing financial and market landscape.

Success comes from careful planning, diligent execution and management combined with proactive adjustments as your situation or markets change. We have a broad array of planning services that can be tailored to meet your individual goals and circumstances.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Partner with Darren J. Talley, CFP® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional as part of your expert team of specialists, along with any relevant members of your personal team, to identify your goals, values, and objectives and design a customized strategy that fits your unique situation.

Personalized Investment Planning

We’ll help you prioritize your goals regarding risk tolerance, your time horizon, liquidity, capital preservation, income, and growth. We will develop and manage a globally diversified strategy targeted to achieve your goals.

Estate and Family Succession Planning

You have worked hard to build the assets you have. We will work with you and your trusted attorney and CPA to develop a plan that will maximize the impact of your wealth now and for future generations to come.

Investment Management & Consulting

Since 1984 our experience working with many different types of retirement plans have given us valuable insights into best practices for asset allocation, manager selection, and ongoing oversight and management. Using a proven process developed over the last 30 years we will apply this knowledge to produce a globally diversified, custom strategy that fits your goals and objectives.

Strategic Allocation

We will design a long term strategy that best fits your preferences for return and risk, and that is fully integrated with your expected cash flow, goals, and investment time horizon.

Tactical Allocation & Rebalancing

We actively manage short term expectations for the economy and the markets, using data from various free and paid sources to ensure your long term success. As needed, we will proactively update your portfolio(s) and the weighting between global fixed income, global equity, and alternative strategies.

Manager Search & Selection

We believe the best results can be achieved by using mainly active and in some cases passive investment strategies. We have developed a time tested and proven process for selection of investment managers that includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis, and the final selection or removal overseen by our Investment Committee.

Institutional Focus & Fee-only Platform

As a result of our independence and fee-only compensation structure, Talley Financial has access to thousands of funds from hundreds of different investment managers. This process allows us to look and screen through this universe of investment managers to identify and select only those that appear most suitable to meeting the needs of our clients’ portfolios.

Investment Consulting Services

As a private client of Talley Financial you and your wealth management advisor will have access to the firm’s research, analysis, and investment discipline to provide advice on unique asset and investment strategies as well as monitoring and evaluation of outside manager relationships.

We believe wealth management is about people, and not just numbers.

Estate & Family Legacy Planning

You want your wealth to last long into the future, and we want to provide you with security and peace of mind that it will. Our work with your attorney and CPA building a customized family legacy will help you develop comprehensive strategies for preserving, growing, and transferring your wealth.

Estate Planning Review

We will help you review your current estate plan and provide advice and guidance to make sure it aligns with goals and objectives for tax reduction, transfer to heirs, and charitable consideration.

Business Succession Planning

Many of our clients have or had the majority of their wealth in a family owned and operated business. We can assist you, your attorney and your CPA, with review of succession options and opportunities and work toward an overview on how each would impact your financial, estate, and legacy planning. We enjoy working collaboratively so that you know all your options for possible ongoing management structure or the disposition of your family business.

Philanthropic Planning & Oversight

If you have goals to create a lasting philanthropic legacy, we will help you create a custom plan to achieve the charitable giving plan that makes sense for you.

Information Management & Reporting

As your trusted advisor, our experience as an investment consultant positions us to provide robust, timely, and holistic view of your assets and investment performance over time. We can also provide efficiencies and coordinate information with your other advisors.

A Holistic Approach

We look at your entire investment strategy as a whole, to ensure peak performance. We use data aggregation, customized programs, and in-depth reporting to maximize your investments at every step.

Periodic Performance Reporting

We proactively reach out to keep you involved and updated on your investment’s recent and lifetime performance.

Comprehensive Reporting, Integrated Planning

Our clients often have wealth allocated across a significant range of assets, custodial accounts, and even advisory relationships. Our reports allow you to aggregate all of your investment data to implement meaningful strategies across the board.

Customized Reports & Services

We deliver results that matter to you. We’ll give you the information and context you need to easily see progress against the plan and to make the right decisions going forward.